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  • Horror
  • 2009-03-13
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Resident Evil 5 Demo

Resident Evil 5 Demo Impressions

From the looks of this demo this game is going to be pretty sweet. It's much more realistic than past games, and the zombies are more intense. The game looks great, very sharp looking characters. The physics of the environments seem better. It's pretty cool when you are in a building and you shoot an explosive barrel outside and the explosion not only shakes the building but the blast seems to have a shock wave pushing dirt/smoke through windows or cracks in the doors. Also the explosion effects just look good. The zombies look nasty and seem to be smarter than past games, even though some seemed that way in the last game. This game is still plenty bloody like you would expect, if a zombie is close to a wall the blood splatters the wall nicely.

The game plays a lot like the Resident Evil 4 with the over the shoulder view. But in this one you have another character with you that helps you and you can interact with to do different thin s. You can also tell them to pick stuff up or have them heal you. You can also play multiplayer with a friend. Besides your weapons you can attack in different ways when enemies are in certain conditions. You can sometimes punch or kick or throw them off your teammate. And when you fight zombies you are always fighting tons of them, and they seem to keep coming. This game is a must get and it looks very promising and should be a sweet continuation of the series.

(2009-02-05 @ 10:55 pm)

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