• SouthPeak Games
  • Gaijin Entertainment
  • n/a
  • Action
  • 2009-02-06
  • 1
  • Blu-ray
  • Mature


4:45pm - 5:30pm = .45 hrs

4:00pm - 5:30pm = 1.3 hrs

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This is one game that had a really fun demo, but I was disappointed with the full game. The game starts out with interesting story scenes and seems like it will have a cool story. But as you get into the game there isn't a lot of story, just repetitive fighting and levels. And as you get further in the game, the acting goes down hill. The gameplay is a cheap copy of Devil May Cry in my opinion. You have your blades attack, and gun attacks with unlimited ammo. But it isn't very smooth like Devil May Cry, instead it's sluggish. And it does get better as you learn skills and enhance your character. The thing that really gets me, and I hate when games do this, is when the action has slight pauses before you can move again or attack. Like when you land a jump, or get hit, or stop running, or finish a combo. There is always a slight pause before you can move/attack again which allows the enemies a free hit. Which almost always happens. And you are always fighting tons of monsters at once, so this is really annoying. In the end I declared this game sucky and I would rather play Devil May Cry any day. I hope the sequel is better, and once again it has a fun demo. Oh yeah, jumping is stupid. You land so slow that monsters can keep up with you!

(2012-05-05 @ 03:37 pm)

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