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  • From Software
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  • Action
  • 2007-03-20
  • 2
  • Blu-ray
  • Teen

Armored Core 4 Demo

1:00pm - 1:30pm = .3 hrs

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Mecha games always look cool thanks to lots of awesome anime. But then when you play them they usually are a disappointment, mainly for the horrible control that usually comes with the game. I've only played a few that I liked a lot for this reason. I've always thought Armored Core unfortunately fell into this problem. They always looks awesome, but it's so hard to play and do cool stuff. This is one thing I really hoped was improved in Armored Core 4. I was hoping for a game that was easy and fun to play to go with awesome next-gen graphics. From what I've seen with the demo this seems to be true for the most part. This game looks great. some of the maps aren't as detailed as I would have thought. But the mechs look awesome, especially when they're flying with the help of awesome lighting effects. The game runs pretty smooth, there were a couple slow spots but hopefully this is from the demo. The control is definitely a lot better then I remember the older games being. It's pretty easy to play but the buttons can get confusing at times. But this game looks like it could have some fun missions and be a good one to rent.

(2007-04-10 @ 02:49 am)

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