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  • Shooter
  • 2012-06-26
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  • Blu-ray
  • Mature

Spec Ops: The Line

4:30pm - 6:00pm = 1.3 hrs

1:00pm - 3:00pm = 2 hrs

10:30pm - 11:30pm = 1 hr

10:00pm - 11:30pm = 1.3 hrs

4:30pm - 5:45pm = 1.15 hrs

4:45pm - 5:45pm = 1 hr

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I remember the demo for this game looking pretty cool. But anymore war games like this seem to be cookie-cutter games and aren't that great. But since this was a free PSN Plus game, of course I'll check it out. It's a pretty action packed war game where you lead a team of to try to find a surviving soldier in Dubai after a crazy sandstorm destroyed the region and buried the city. This is a third-person shooter that works really well. Plus you can easily give commands to your team. There are a lot of weapons to check out and you can use the environment in some areas. You can shoot windows to let sand cover or sweep away enemies. This is a pretty large game with a lot of levels taking you into the depths of the city. The game looks great and makes you feel like your in the desert. I was surprised that the story was a lot more interesting than it started out to be. I figured this would be a pure action game, but the story is really good with alternate endings. This game was a pleasant surprise and would be great for anyone wanting some action or a shooter with a good story.

This is a pretty good trophy game, but you have to play it a couple times. I haven't gotten the Platinum yet, as there are some ridiculous trophies. But you can easily get most of them as you play the game. The second play through to get the rest won't be as much fun.

(2013-05-04 @ 02:02 pm)

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